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Hiring Rockstars is serious business. We’re looking for unicorns here! People who wake up every day to be better.  People who want others to feel good about their home building experience, their home and ultimately, their lives.  Rockstars are special. We’re so proud we’ve been able to find the most capable, hard-working, dedicated team of true professionals. Have you heard the saying, it’s business it’s not personal?  For us, our work is what we love to do and when you love what you do your business is very personal. Building your home is an honor and getting to build alongside this team is what we love to do. Yes, it’s personal. We’re ok with that.

Jim Garman

Jim Garman, Founder & CFO 

Family: Fiance Alaina, Daughter Ellie (11) & Son Sam (8)

Hobbies: Turning massive amounts of data into pivot tables

Hidden Talents: See Hobbies

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Rock Stars Wanted. This is why we started Garman  Homes. We love to work with great people who care deeply about creating a joyful homebuilding experience. Rock Stars know they can make it happen, bend reality, do what others thought was impossible. Even change the world.

Alaina Money

Alaina Money, Founder & CEO

Family: Fiance Jim, Daughters Amelia (14), Francesca (12) & Stella (9)

Pets: Tiny misbehaving Yorkie Ciamba (6)

Hobbies: Cooking, Traveling, Reading & Hiring Breakdancers for Parties. 

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Give it Back. The Miracle Home - because it's my favorite example of what we do best...we find a cause that we love and we build a home full of joy and surprise that also gives back BIG to families facing their toughest challenge. That's how a homebuilding company gets the chance to change the world.

Rebecca McAdoo

Rebecca McAdoo, Division President

Family: Huband Jay, Sons Hudson (7) and Weston (3), Daughter Ava (2)

HobbiesLove being outdoors, traveling - experiencing new places and cultures and meeting new people, great books, prosecco, and all things kiddos.

Hidden TalentsPiano and bargain shopping!

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Giving Back. Having the ability to impact people on such a positive platform is such a beautiful gift.

Jon McReynolds

Jon McReynolds, Division Vice President

Family: Wife Sheri, Sons Aidan and Cole

Hobbies: Kids, Kids, Kids and occasionally going hunting, playing golf or riding my Harley. 

Hidden Talents: World's Best Whistler (Self-Proclaimed)

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Giving Back.

Laurel Schawel

Laurel Schawel, Sales Manager


Pets: Lola, Peekaboo (1) and Sadie, Dachshund (8)

Hobbies: Shopping, Hanging out with Family & Friends, Drinking Rose.

Favorite Garman Difference & Why:

Nancy Garman

Nancy Garman, Money Counter

Family: Husband John, Son Jim, Daughter Jeanne Marie, and Five Grandchildren.

Pets: Milo, our cat. 

Hobbies: Grandchildren, News Junkie, Knitting & Gardening.

Favorite Garman Floorplan & Why: The Goodwell, which is the floorplan for the home that Jim and Garman Homes built for us in 2010. We had always joked that he would build his mom a home - and then he did! 

Joe Barker

Joe Barker, Purchasing Manager

Family: Wife Stephanie and Daughter Hailey.

Pets: Miniature Killa Schnauzer, Gracie. 

Hobbies: Hunting, Running & Being Outside.

Favorite Garman Floorplan & Why: Accent, it was the plan I semi-modified to be "Joe's Accent"...Gracie and Hailey can be in so many other areas of the home while I stay in the family room and cry myself to sleep!

Jake Kaplan

Jake Kaplan, National Expansion Director

Family: Wife Kensi, Three Inherited Kids - Jorge, Nicole & Sophia, Daughter Kylie.

Pets: Puggle - Raleigh & Sharpei/Pit Mix - Tungsten

Hobbies: Early morning workouts, small projects around the house, playing with the kids & the occasional movie.

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Its close tie between Giving Back & Guaranteed Close Date. I love the difference that we make by Giving Back. All of our charitable efforts can actually be seen year after year, it's extremely gratifying. Guaranteed Closing Date is pretty baller too - when you're making the biggest purchase of your life it's nice that we show our clients the respect that date deserves. No one likes to be disappointed, especially on one of the happiest days of their life.

Hunter Davis

Hunter Davis, Briar Chapel Sales Ambassador

Family: Blayden Boy, Miniature Australian Shepherd 

Hobbies: Shopping, Playing with my pup, Disney Movies, Being near the water & Prosecco. 

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Giving Back. Being able to be part of something bigger and seeing the smiles and happiness on the faces of those who we can help means everything.

Krista Brown

Krista Brown, Wendell Falls & Knightdale Station Sales Ambassador

Family: Husband Dillon & Son Chadwick Titus

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, being at the beach, shopping & going to any sports event. 

Hidden Talents: Shouldn’t be admitting this but I’m a serious stalker. Like private investigator level.

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Giving back. We are all lucky enough to know that we are helping contribute to something bigger and that’s really cool. Operation Coming Home will always hold a special place in my heart as it was in the neighborhood I was working in at the time. I was able to build a special relationship with the family and seeing them come to the house every weekend with pure joy on their faces is something I will always remember.

Cameron Medlin

Cameron Medlin, Abbey Run Sales Ambassador

Family: Husband, Daniel & Son, Wyatt (2)

Pets: Shih-poo - Kenly (8) and Big Mix of Everything - Beau (4)

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, working out, watching football (Go Pack!) and my favorite shows and going to see any live music.

Hidden Talents: Sarcasm 

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: I have 2 - Rockstars Wanted. The culture is one of a kind and one that I am honored to be a part of. And Giving Back. Being apart of something bigger than myself in regards to making a positive impact on others and our local communities, is remarkable. 

Danica Kuplin-Amanchukwu

Danica Kuplin-Amanchukwu, Wendell Falls & Knightdale Station Sales Ambassador

Family: Husband Chris, Son Emery (8) and Daughter Farrah - aka baby cakes, sassy pants, the beauty queen (3) and Son Ezra (Newborn).

Pets: Cha Cha, the pound puppy.

Hobbies: Running, Outdoorsy type things with my family, Baking, Reading - anything that has to do with a holiday, is that a hobby?

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Rockstars Wanted. I love our culture and family!

Darin Reinert

Darin Reinert, Warranty Jedi

Family: Wife Julia, Daughters Caitlin (10) and Emma (2).

Hobbies: Star Wars (Everything), Board Gaming &  Nerd Culture.

Hidden Talents: Decent cook, above average Magic Player (card game), and competitive Poker player.

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: G-Team. It’s our last line of communication, promotes word of mouth sales, and makes me happy to make a difference.

Richard Keebler

Richard Keebler, Warranty Manager

Family: Daughter Evie.

Hobbies: Racquetball, Cooking & Nerdy Things.

Hidden Talents: I am extremely fast in the short distance! 

Favorite Garman Difference: Giving Back.

Kevin Kube

Kevin Kube, Briar Chapel & Abbey Run Construction Manager 

Family: Wife Debbi, Son Kenny (20) and Daughter Kara (18).

Pets: Koko & Keke

Hobbies: Toes in the sand.

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Rockstars Wanted. Having the right people makes the true difference

Chris Tickle

Chris Tickle, Briar Chapel Construction Manager

Pets: Hailey

Hobbies: Hunting, riding my bike and anything sports related.

Hidden Talents: They are hidden for a reason!

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Giving Back. Operation: Coming Home - Coming from a military family, I am very proud to be apart of a company that has dedicated its time and resources to such a worthy cause.

Zach Rollins

Zach Rollins, Sunset Bluffs Construction Manager

Family: Wife Chelsea & Dog Buckshot

Hobbies: Golfing, and running with the dog. 

Hidden Talents: I'm still trying to find them.

Favorite Garman Difference: Giving Back.

Robert Thorton

Robert Thorton, Knightdale Station Construction Manager

Family: Wife Wendy & Daughter Samantha (27)

Pets: 3 Dogs - Boe, Ben & Chilly. 9 Fish. 

Hobbies: Golf, working out & building tables.

Favorite Garman Difference: Giving Back. 

Scott Burrell

Scott Burrell, Wendell Falls Construction Manager

Family: Wife Christina, Son Liam & Daughter Olivia

Hobbies: Golfing and anything sports related. 

Hidden Talents: Watching football while laying on the couch. 

Favorite Garman Difference: Giving Back.

Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson, Wendell Falls Construction Manager

Family: Wife Jessica, Sons Ryder (6) and Luke (2)

Hobbies: Reading, spending time with family & anything outdoors.

Hidden Talents: Summited Everest twice - second time hiked it backward! I can also wiggle my ears. 

Favorite Garman Difference: 

Will Myrick

Will Myrick, Wendell Falls Construction Manager


Kristen Beck

Kristen Beck, Designer

Family: Daughter Madison - 12 years of cuteness (most of the time.)

Pets: Zilch - We get our dose of dog snuggles when we dog sit for Laurel and Joe :)

Hobbies: I really want to say exercising. Hanging with Madison & doing projects around the house.

Favorite Garman Floorplan & Why: The Beau. Great, open living space. Awesome bonus space for Madison to hang with her friends and/or do gymnastics. And of course, the storage!

Raquel Zepeda

Raquel Zepeda, Designer

Family: Fiance Ryan

Hobbies: Being with family & friends, traveling, reading & watching movies.

Hidden Talents: Not sure I have any "hidden" talents. 

Favorite Garman Floorplan: Castle in Brooklyn! I love everything about it! I'd live in one in a heartbeat! <3

Michelle Huffman

Michelle Huffman, Residential Designer 

Family: Husband Ross, Son Walker (15) & Daughter Olivia (12)

Hobbies: Trying new recipes, reading, daydreaming about my next vacation.

Hidden Talents: I can sew nearly anything. I used to design and create clothing, window treatments & bedding. 

Favorite Garman Floorplan: They all are special to me but I'm probably most excited to see the Watchtower come together.

Jennifer Hockmuth

Jennifer Hockmuth, Closing Coordinator

Stephanie Terry

Stephanie Terry, Accounts Payable

Family: Husband Robby, daughter Celia (10) and son Tyler (7)

Hobbies: Hiking with the family, funding boat repairs, cooking, and trying new bakeries.

Hidden Talents: Making friends at the ball field/swim meets, choosing the
slowest checkout line at Target, finding shin guards and
lost shoes and keeping up with old friends.

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Giving Back. I love that we incorporate giving back to the community in our business plan, and it's fun to come up with new ideas for where the company can contribute.

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